Cultivating an Enlightened Coaching Practice: Telegroup for Transformational Coaches

The "Egoic-self" is the current condition of centuries (lifetimes) of evolution of the individual self. Authentic, unrestrained, unconditional and unfiltered expressions of our true Self, in each and every moment, is our essential nature – that which is Oneness; that which is the spark of Divinity.

Transformational coaching not only cultivates awareness of the Essential Self, but it also has a listening that reveals this Self in a way that elevates its significance to prime importance. When an individual begins to tap into their Essential Self, they are inspired to uncover more and more, as the quality of experience that arises from authentic living feels generative and profoundly empowering by nature. In the end, the divisive constructs of our consensus view of reality slowly evaporate, allowing effortless expansion and actualization of our Oneness to unfold.

The Group Training:

This training for transformational coaches is an intensive in cultivating intelligence through self-study, deep listening, and the practice of curiosity. Every aspect of Life “ including Business, Health, Spirituality and Relationship, is responsive to the foundational practices found within a transformational coach.

This 6-session training is oriented toward developing and enhancing your coaching practice + expanding the bandwidth of awareness, all in service to supporting individuals on the edge of their human & spiritual transcendent processes. Those attending will strengthen their capacity to work outside the current fear-based paradigm, to resource Universal Source more effortlessly, and to empower clients to appreciate the lived experience of their spiritual journey, aka “life.”

Summer 2020 Session-REGISTRATION ENDING June 14th!

1st session: Monday, June 15, 2020
Time: 10-11:30am PDT
Number of Participants: maximum of 10 allowed
Fee: $450 for 6 Sessions “ held every other week virtually

For more information and to register with Dr. Rosie:

call 360-376-4323, or email her at:

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