36 Principles of Transformational Coaching

About the Book

It took me years to figure out what the heck I was really working and living from”as in what the principles and values are that were foundational to my work before even becoming a coach.

This small book will give you a taste of what’s available to you when you stretch beyond your current paradigm.

In this book I distinguish the many principles upon which this model of transformational coaching is based. These principles provide a foundation upon which to build a solid practice of empowering yourself and those you support.

The principles outlined here presume from the onset that, firstly, all of us are thinking and acting powerfully, always.

The second presumption is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The third presumption made through these principles is that we are always at choice.

I encourage you to work with these principles to make them your own. The clearer you are with your unique foundations the more effective you will be as an agent of transformation, and the more empowering you will be for your clients; you’ll empower them to find and live by their own principles and their principles only.

Here’s to fulfilling your human spirit, and those of your clients!

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36 Principles of Transformational Coaching

This small book will give you a taste of what's available to you when you stretch beyond your current paradigm.

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