The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer

Not in a million years would I dream up such a life for myself. As a child, all I ever imagined was that I was going to get married as early as possible, have children and life happily ever after. End of Story.
Someone, I don’t know who must have put a curse on me; the one that says, “May you have an interesting life.” Why else would a good Catholic girl end up having a life like this? What would drive a Midwest doctor’s daughter to make the kind of choices that I made?
Rosie Kuhn
Choosing a life as a noncustodial mother of infants, crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a 93ft. sailboat, acquiring three masters and a Ph.D., and writing a book about self-empowerment. I’m quite sure it was a curse.

Cursed or not, I’m the woman I wanted to be and worthy to be the mother of my children.


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