Dilemmas of Being in Business

Dilemmas of Being in Business is about extraordinary people meeting ordinary challenges, being stumped and stymied by them, just like us "ordinary folk". The difference is that when the people in these stories are stumped or stymied, they willingly penetrate and explore the edge of reason of their current paradigm. In each dilemma that surfaces, they choose to come face to face with personal demons that arise, and allow themselves to see things differently. They do this in order to have their intentions fully realized. It isn’t that they are fearless and courageous beyond measure; it’s that their commitment to and belief in themselves and their envisioned life outweighs their fear.
Rosie Kuhn
Extraordinary people are deeply curious about what lays beyond the signpost in their minds – those that read: "DANGER: DO NOT ENTER!" They willingly expand their repertoire and their capacity to choose differently when facing DEAD ENDs and UNKNOWN TERRITORY. They fully comprehend that there is a wisdom beyond their own expertise that guides and assists them into more expansive and effective leadership. They may be scared, just like the rest of us; however they are moved to act, regardless of their fears.

The truth is, each of us is extraordinary. Each of us possess the capacity to expand beyond our current thinking by diving into daily dilemmas where a vast resource of Self lie dormant, awaiting discovery and full utilization of untapped brilliance. You have this capacity. It’s awaiting your arrival. If you are ready for such an expedition, this book is for you.


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