Why, When and Who?

Why Hire a Transformational Coach?

Hiring a coach has many benefits.

  • A transformational coach, such as Dr. Rosie Kuhn, acts as a thinking partner. She doesn’t tell you what to do. She sees all that you have become thus far in your life and supports you in utilizing the wisdom and intelligence that is already present. By having a thinking partner you realize all untapped potential that lies within!
  • With a thinking partner that truly sees you, hears you and gets who you on so many dimension, you begin to trust and respect your capacity to make choices that empower you towards your heart’s desire.
  • Realizing what you are truly committed to, you open yourself up to choosing differently, only in service to fulfilling your heart’s desire.
  • You willingly become accountable for your life.
  • You choose to mindfully observe all the ways you have avoided, ignored and distracted yourself from being responsible to your highest truth, your highest good and your highest contribution to the world. And, you empower yourself to choose differently!
  • Your sense of Self grows. You experience alignment with yourself. You appreciate your gifts, talents and skills. And, you expand your willingness to share yourself with the world.

Who Should You Hire?

When deciding to choose a coach, be sure to hire someone who

  • …is an experienced transformational coach who is passionate about supporting and empower you to fulfill your hearts desire. Dr. Rosie has 40 years of experience in supporting and empower individual to realize how extraordinary they truly are.
  • … truly is comfortable with transformative work. Transformative work taps into the transpersonal and the spiritual realms. So, make sure your coach can support you in these areas of your life
  • … allows for ALL OF YOU to be known and valued for the wise and amazing individual that you are already. You want to work with someone who truly sees you, hears you and gets you.
  • … believes in you and your capacity to grow yourself into your fullest potential.

When to Hire a Coach

The sooner you begin this process of transformation the sooner you will be tapping into the wisdom and intelligence that is already within you. NOW is the perfect time to hire a transformational coach.

Dr. Rosie coaches individuals, groups and businesses. Her mastery as a transformational coach will grow you or your business in ways you cannot yet imagine!

For more information, please feel to contact me at rosie@theparadigmshifts.com, or call me at 360-376-4323.

Why Hire a Transformational Coach?

Hiring a coach has many benefits. For you it means:

  • Speaking with a professional who empowers you and your company to implement actions that create great results.
  • Understanding how your humanity (the part of you who shows up to every business appointment, and to every decision you make) limits or brings your vision to reality.
  • Determining how the bottom line of your business is affected by the quality of relationship between employees and the vision of your company, the products and services provided, and most importantly your customers.
  • Getting projects completed.
  • Understanding how your integrity, and the integrity of your employees is an essential aspect of how your business functions and thrives.

When Should You Hire a Coach?

You are thinking about hiring a coach. It’s a great investment, especially when:

  • You are experiencing great success and you know that your company is ready for a bigger game.
  • There are challenges in pulling your team together to work smoothly and effectively.
  • You’ve got a great service or product and it’s not getting out the door.
  • Your management team is ready for a boost in motivation and inspiration.
  • The bottom line is reflecting only a slow and gradual change, and you want to boost sales or profits with speed and power.
  • Your Vision is getting lost in the day-to-day activities of meeting deadlines and bottom lines.

Who Should You Hire?

When deciding to hire a coach, be sure he or she…

  • …is an experienced professional who gets results
  • …understands how to identify underlying barriers to effectiveness
  • …is committed to empowering you and your group
  • …is able to help you to move beyond what is currently in the way of great results
  • …provides a professional and safe environment
  • …can focus on (rarely addressed) key issues that stifle creativity and vitality
  • …can move you and your company beyond the problem-solving paradigm

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