Spirituality For Beginners

Being Spiritual is very personal. Each of us knows for ourselves how we are in relation to our highest truth, our highest knowing, our highest selves. This video will guide you on how to cultivate awareness about what it means to be Spiritual … for YOU!

Each us are cultivating a capacity to experience sacredness and divineness with every aspect of life on the planet. To consciously practice growing one’s ability to know and experience divineness is to enjoy the deep inner peace that becomes more accessible over time.

The right way to do spirituality is your way to do spirituality! You can listen to spiritual teachers until the cows come home. However, you know within yourself which truths resonate with your highest knowing! Join me as we explore how to work toward your truth in spirituality.

My intention is to share ideas and experiences that I’ve gleaned over my lifetime. What I’m saying may be true for me, but you get to KNOW what is true for you. You will feel in yourself what resonates as truth for you. It will feel right!

For many of us we dabble in spirituality or spiritual things – much like what one does with a hobby. At some point there comes a time where the dabbling turns into dedication, devotion and discipline. Come chat with me about how you are with your hobby of spirit-keeping!

Karma, in essence, is the collection of unrelenting lessons that we’ve yet to finish. In the past, we may have unknowingly or knowingly hurt ourselves or someone else. In this video I share my perspective on karma to help you figure out how YOU want to be with this idea of good versus bad karma in your life.

Events and circumstances may arise that will bring about the need to learn specific lessons, which, had we understood those lessons, we wouldn’t have made those choices that led to harm and suffering. We liberate ourselves from these karmic patterns and lessons and can move on to living into the fullest expression of our essential selves. This is joyous, indeed

None of us humans always know how to be humans. Sometimes regardless of how hard we try, our lives just don’t make sense. It all feels meaningless, hopeless. We feel lost in the unknowing. I’m sharing 3 ways to find yourself while in midst of the messiness of everyday life. There is so much beauty and exquisiteness within the mess. It’s good to know this. Right?

The need to try and control all outcomes of your life is an addiction. Is your desire for control really serving you? In this episode I talk through the unhealthy stages of control, and share how you can begin to let go of that anxiousness and irritability – and ultimately LET GO!

We’re all survivors of trauma in some way or another. So how can you learn to deal with PTSD and allow yourself to open up again? Here are some steps you can take to face your trauma so you can know a life beyond fear.

Do you want the benefits of meditation without having to sit still for long periods of time? Meditation has been proven to heal our bodies, bring peace, calm stress, and create a balance in our life. But what if you want all of those things without having to actually meditate? You can have them all! In this video I give 5 things to implement into your daily routine so you can experience the positive vibes of meditation.

Do you need to join a spiritual community to practice your spirituality? Here’s what you need to know about spiritual communities, whether a spiritual community is right for you, and how to find the best spiritual community for your practice!

Do I have to let go of what I love to become spiritual? My answer to this question goes against many perceptions of spirituality and what it means to be spiritual. Listen in to hear why you DO NOT have to give up anything in your life to become a spiritual being.

As humans we tend to go through life unaware of how we BE. We go through the motions of daily life and our conscious minds fail to acknowledge our spiritual being. The same way we have a quality of being human, we also have a quality of being spiritual. In this video I talk about how to be in a relationship with yourself. How we’re present in our life affects our human experience. Watch the video to find out how you can develop a relationship between your presence and humaness.

The relationship with have with sex we call “sexuality.” The relationship with have with our sense we call “sensuality.” Likewise, the relationship we have as we go on to experience life, a sense of presence or a sense of detachment, is called spirituality. And the more we become aware of this relationship, the more we begin to actually practice spirituality and being in a relationship with ourselves. Developing this relationship between our presence and our humaness is imperative to feeling connected to our true selves.

Being religious or having an out of body spiritual awakening are not requirements for being a spiritual person. In this video I talk about the myths of spirituality and the question of what it actually means to be spiritual. We rarely think of ourselves as spiritual, but I’m here to tell you that we are all spiritual beings. Watch to find out what it is that makes us spiritual.

Have you ever thought to yourself “I’m not spiritual because I don’t go to church, believe in a God, or do “spiritual” things like meditate”? Myths like these push us away from the ability to feel our own spiritual souls. Everyone is a spiritual being in some way or another. Consciously or unconsciously, we practice spiritual acts every day – we just don’t identify them as spiritual.

Worrying about what others think is detrimental to the way WE think. As a spiritual guide I teach my clients how to listen to who they are inside by asking some essential questions. In this video I give you ways to stop worrying about what other people think, and allow yourself to do business, relationships, and LIFE in the truest form of you.

Thoughts are catalysts for either a great life or an unhappy life. How can we create an extraordinary life when the majority of our daily thoughts are negative? I have a strategy for you.

I’m Dr. Rosie Kuhn, author and life coach, and in this video I dive into how our negative thoughts impact our ability to live. We often feel attached to our negative thoughts, but there is a way to stop them and it begins with a very important step.

A mid-life crisis is a process within which we come to a crossroad – a realization that the path we have taken is someone else’s path. This is the time when we answer the hard questions: “Who am I? Why Life? What’s My Purpose? What’s Mine to Do? Tune in for guidance on how to answer these questions and become in alignment with your highest knowing.

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