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Devotion: Bringing the essence of every fiber of your being into this moment, presencing your energy into that which fuels the Divine Spark. In this place, I experience a nestled completeness among it all “ a totality of being Grace. This is my current experience of Devotion. Devotion has always been a challenging practice for me. Frankly as a child, I hated the idea of it. Devotion got me nowhere and nothing. Being at choice about who or what I was devoted to, well, there was no choice. Catholicism, my experience of it anyway, dictated devotion. I was supposed to

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Saying Yes When You Mean No

I met with a team of engineers yesterday. Up until now I’ve been meeting with them individually as each was facing dilemma’s that affected their personal and professional life. Over the past couple of months all of them have gained greater degrees of emotional intelligence and greater degrees of clarity of intention and accountability for what’s showing up in their work lives. They all realize that how they are being impacts on them personally and professionally “ they can no longer assume they can act on behalf of their own personal desires without negatively influencing the team, the organization as

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W is for Will

I’ve been thinking about this blog for awhile, specifically the intention I had in mind “ what I wanted to convey regarding our will. The third step of the Twelve Step Program came to mind: We turn our will over to the care of a higher power as we understand it (The original version is: We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understand him. Quite often, people are turned off by the religious components of the twelve steps, so I am paraphrasing in order to hopefully make this

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