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Spiritual Immersion-My Personal Story

Spiritual Immersion “ Taking the Plunge Podcast As I announced last month, I have a new podcast dedicated to Spiritual Immersions & guiding people to take the plunge themselves. Here’s a part of the transcript from Episode 101 describing my personal experience. I hope you enjoy! The Beginning I want to share with you a little bit of my story and what gives me the inspiration to do these podcasts. I’ll also share some of the things that show up for a lot of people as they go through a spiritual immersion process. So, I am 68 years old and

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Enough is Enough

Creating yourself as who you want to be can be anxiety provoking; you have no idea what your fullest potential looks like; it’s all unknown. Are you curious and courageous enough to endure anxious moments of not knowing for the sake of finding out? Are you willing to be fierce in your discipline, enough to practice 100% accountability, living into integrity, and aligning your actions with your highest truth? Can you be compassionate with yourself through this exploration, allowing yourself to fumble and be humbled by this amazing process of realizing your highest self, highest truth and highest potential? Can

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Dilemmas of Being

Knowing that you are always Oneness, always human, always choice-making, and always in your circumstances, now what? We are immersed in a multidimensional reality, and depending on which domain you focus on, there are conflicting commitments staring you down, at every turn. Within each Domain, you have a set of beliefs, perceptions, values and priorities: In the Domain of Oneness, you are committed to experiencing union with the Divine, harmony with nature, people, and with all being. Peace, grace and serenity are what we are committed to. At the same time, we are committed to avoiding an experience of emptiness,

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Spiritual Immersion: Taking the Plunge

Introduction Spiritual Immersion is a process of revealing the ever deeper and richer layers of our spirit-selves. This Spirit-Self resides within our human form and can only be fully known through direct, personal experience. Only through this direct experience can you explore, experiment and discover your truth and live that truth. I believe we have come onto this planet to experience the fulfillment of our human spirit. We can only do this through the self-empowering, direct experience of our humanness. The intention of this book is to inspire you to choose consciously to immerse yourself “ just as an experiment,

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