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Boy, Do We LOVE to HATE!

While reading A Course in Miracles, I came across the concept “the special Hate relationship.” Wow! Do you know that approximately 70-80% of any given population hate their jobs? As I googled what we hate or dislike there are a lot of very unhappy people who hate or dislike well, everything. And, I love this statistic: 70% of our thoughts are negative thoughts. That is a lot of negativity – a proportion I suspect is hateful in nature. I know I’ve done a lot of hating over my life. I was actually in DENIAL (Didn’t Even Know I Am Lying)

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Success: Where does it lead?

Harvey, a client of mine for over four years, lives and works in LA in the television industry. Brilliant, creative and kind, he makes everyone feel appreciated by his character and presence. Harvey has finally arrived at his dream. Not only does he have the dream job for himself, he’s also getting paid what he’s worth. He is in the groove! Harvey grew up in the bible belt of Texas. Allowing himself to be worthy of a salary that reflects all of what he brings to his career was a huge undertaking since it went against the primary tenets that

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5 Steps to Presencing (Being Present)

Presence: It seems like a no brainer; aren’t we always present wherever we go? Actually, it’s rare that we are present, in the moment, with our full attention on the individual, the group or task in front of us. Opportunities to have distractions pop up and take our attention away from what we are intending to be attending to. Cell phones, emails, texts, phones, people passing by our office or cubicle “ these are the some of the external distractions; what about the thoughts, emotions and body sensations that also pull us off course; the emotions, stress, anger and fatigue;

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W is for Will

I’ve been thinking about this blog for awhile, specifically the intention I had in mind “ what I wanted to convey regarding our will. The third step of the Twelve Step Program came to mind: We turn our will over to the care of a higher power as we understand it (The original version is: We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understand him. Quite often, people are turned off by the religious components of the twelve steps, so I am paraphrasing in order to hopefully make this

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