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Boy, Do We LOVE to HATE!

While reading A Course in Miracles, I came across the concept “the special Hate relationship.” Wow! Do you know that approximately 70-80% of any given population hate their jobs? As I googled what we hate or dislike there are a lot of very unhappy people who hate or dislike well, everything. And, I love this statistic: 70% of our thoughts are negative thoughts. That is a lot of negativity – a proportion I suspect is hateful in nature. I know I’ve done a lot of hating over my life. I was actually in DENIAL (Didn’t Even Know I Am Lying)

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No Peace on Earth!

There will never be peace on Earth. Never! Not as long as humans put themselves in charge of the rightness and wrongness; the goodness and the badness, prosperity and poverty. Nope: It ain’t gonna happen! Peace will come when we give up doing unto ourselves and others what is hurtful, harmful and destructive. I drink coffee and alcohol, use sugar and eat meat and wheat “ all of which are destructive to my system. I use electronics, drive a fossil fueled vehicle and count on many of those organizations who contribute to destruction of the planet, to keep me safe

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Seeing the Big Picture

I can’t tell you the number of times over that past few weeks that I’ve heard the term seeing the big picture. I pay attention when something is said two or more times; there’s something to be mined for myself and perhaps for others. Seeing the Big Picture; what the heck does that mean? What requires one to see the big picture? And, what dilemma becomes apparent when considering the leap into really seeing the big picture? "The Leap?" you might ask. Why would it take a leap? I’ll give you a number of analogies that might be helpful: The

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