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What are Your Four Truths You Live By?

Last night, my son Zach and I watched a documentary titled Samsara. It’s a beautiful film with no voices to explain the images depicting the cycle of life, death and rebirth “ Samsara. Within this film, images of nature are woven together with images of people, cities, industry and many elements of a societies, religions and cultures. Some of the images are painful to witness, but they do portray the aspects of samsara that are part and parcel to the life cycle and the world we live in today. These have to do with what would be considered animal cruelty,

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Today is the Day

“If God is such a loving God, how can he allow war, poverty and disease?” I hear this question a lot, and it inspired me to sit and write down my perspective, since I, too, wonder why things are the way they are, especially for me, on a personal level. Bad things happen to all of us, personally, professionally, to our communities, countries and on a global scale. Who’s responsible for it all? Who’s to blame? Is the right response to be angry, hateful and shaming? Is the right response to get even “ you know, an eye for an

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N is for Noticing

Noticing is the most powerful tool for cultivating awareness and for bringing valuable spiritual concepts to the workplace. Most importantly though, is having the intention to notice, in order to notice whether you are noticing or not. Notice, for a moment, what is occurring within your work environment. Notice the lighting, the sounds, the smells and what the space looks like to you. As you are noticing, notice what senses you are using to notice. Is it just your hearing, sight, smell and your touch? What other senses are engaged through noticing? What’s happening inside your body, what emotions or

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