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Security and the Constant Temptation to Yield to Expediency

Security is a wonderful feeling, which all of us seek, yet few of us actually experience fully. Especially with the economic downturn “ no one is safe from the potential demise of the current world market. Almost four years ago, I took myself out of the game, as it were, in order to follow an intuition “ a calling, if you will, onto a trajectory that I knew would reap extraordinary rewards that I had not yet even imagined. In the tarot deck of cards, the Tower is one of twenty-two Major Arcana cards. The image is a large burning

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Domains of Awareness

Through teaching and coaching, this model of awareness organically emerged, and it is foundational to a whole-being perspective of self-empowerment; and, I believe, to this adventure of spiritual immersion and self-discovery. If we do not attend to all domains of our being, we limit the full potentiality of the expression of our essential nature. Moreover, I believe we are here to be the fullest expression of our essential self. This, to me, is the destination toward which we are heading. Through realizing how we "be" in all domains of awareness, we cultivate an awakening and responsiveness to the multidimensional nature

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We Want Transformation We Just Don’t Want to Change

My colleague and friend, Maureen O’Neill, and I kibitz a great deal about what it is like to be on this spiritual journey “ one of transformation. The truth is it’s hard friggin’ work, and sometimes, it hurts like HELL. Transformation, we think, is easy. We believe that it’s something that just happens, like miracles and magic. It’s as if we have to do nothing at all, and all of a sudden “ presto-change-o, we are transformed. We imagine with that transformation that life is effortless, and that there is no more hard work to be done. Change, on the

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No Peace on Earth!

There will never be peace on Earth. Never! Not as long as humans put themselves in charge of the rightness and wrongness; the goodness and the badness, prosperity and poverty. Nope: It ain’t gonna happen! Peace will come when we give up doing unto ourselves and others what is hurtful, harmful and destructive. I drink coffee and alcohol, use sugar and eat meat and wheat “ all of which are destructive to my system. I use electronics, drive a fossil fueled vehicle and count on many of those organizations who contribute to destruction of the planet, to keep me safe

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